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Are you aware that one of the most important things for your game server is having an antihack system which is the most vital part in order to secure your server?
Dark Knight Protection is the new protection system which is designed especially for MuOnline servers. If you are tired of manually protecting your server or cannot find a way, we have the perfect solution for you and your server. DKP System is designed to protect your game against cheats and malicious software. Its operation is divided into 3 (three) parts, the Client side which is located in your game directory, the Server side connecting with your GameServer software and Webpanel to view the antihack reports.

Dark Knights Protection MuOnline System

Packets Price List

Product Description Price Type Payment
DKP Setup Get DKP Antihack Package
+ 7 days License
25.00 OneTime
DKP License Extend your Antihack license for 1 month. 15.00 Monthly
Transfer License Single License Transfer. 10.00 Per Machine
MuLauncher + AutoUpdate Coming Soon 0.00 PayPal
DKP FireWall Coming Soon 0.00 PayPal

For new customer and newly ordered product:

Read our refund policy here. After your purchase send us an email to
with your Payment Transaction ID and a Valid Email address.

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- 100% Encrypted Connection

- Hyper Kernel Protection

- AntiSpeedHack

- Low CPU Usage Hot*

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MuOnline Private Antihack System V2.0.1.9

- Database Protection with Dump,Heuristics,Hidetools (1000+) Detect Hacks
- Client Cheat Scan Low CPU Usage Hot*
- Authentication system for serverside ports protection (prevents game access without the antihack) Hot*
- Get log files (Time,Account Name,IP,MAC,Cheat)
- Enable/Disable CRC32 protection for protecting your client game files.
- HardWare Ban ID System
- AntiMacro Protection
- AntiSpeedHack
- Anti DLL Injection
- Anti Kill/Suspend
- BlockProcess
- Disassembler protection
- Online Radio
- Force Open Game Only with Launcer [Enable/Disable]
- Change Splash Screen position & load duration configs
Important Information:
- Installation Duration: up to 24 hours after payment is confirmed.
- Refund: Payments are non-refundable
- Updates: The contractor is notified via registered email at the time of purchase and each every update.
- Re-installations cost: Client 10$ / Server Side 5$


Chat Support Service : 24/7 Technical

Support : Monday to Friday

11:00 AM ~ 18:00 PM UTC-5

About Us

We are a dedicated team with more than a decade of experience with MuOnline Server's Development. After years of trial and error we managed to finalize and bring a brand new Antihack for the MuOnline scene that is developed by us (MuAdmins)